Naseemuddin Siddiqui's new party 'Rashtriya Bahujan Morcha' gave such a big blow to Mayawati

Naseemuddin Siddiqui's new party 'Rashtriya Bahujan Morcha' gave such a big blow to Mayawati:-

Naseemuddin Siddiqui's new party has given a big blow to Mayawati. After the formation of the National Bahujan Morcha, the Bahujan Samaj Party has started the rainy season of resignation. All BSP workers resigned from the house of Bansda and surrounding districts of Nasimuddin and talked of subscribing to the National Bahujan Morcha.

Naseemuddin Siddiqui's new party 'Rashtriya Bahujan Morcha' gave such a big blow to Mayawati
Nasimuddin Siddiqui, who was expelled from Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), has formed a new party. His party's name is Rashtriya Bahujan Morcha. At one time, Nasimuddin Siddiqui was considered a Muslim face of the BSP. Recently, he was removed from the party's general secretary's post. They alleged that BSP supremo Mayawati had asked for Rs 50 crore from him.

He had also released the recorded conversation on the phone, in which allegedly Mayawati had been heard asking for money. On this, Mayawati had said that she was seeking back the party funds given to build the membership. On this issue when the fellow Indian Express asked him why he considered the reason for his expulsion from the BSP, he said that I had told all the press conferences. I will not say anything on this until Mayawati does nothing.
Welcome to the formation of 'National Bahujan Morcha'

Former minister expelled from BSP and current MLC Nasimuddin Siddiqui has announced the formation of 'National Bahujan Morcha' in Banda by meeting supporters. Supporters of this decision have also supported the Chitrakootham Mandal. The name of the front was finalized at a meeting held at Siddiqui's residence in Lucknow on Saturday. Siddiqui has been made as the convenor in this.

BSP's former Zonal Coordinator Brahma Swaroop Sagar (Bareilly) and former minister OP Singh (Sultanpur) and Housing Development UP former chairman Nirmal Nishad (Banda) have been elected as co-coordinator. Supporters were happy to hear about the formation of Morcha. Supporters gathered at Siddiqui's residence said that soon the process of formation of the morcha will be initiated in Banda.
On the other hand, nearly a hundred people including Dharmendra Singh alias DC of BSP Kshatriya Bhaiyacha, clean worker leader Tijola Valmiki, advocates Yogeshchandra Shrivastav, BSP Banda, General Secretary Vinay Singh Shanu and Shyambabu Awasthi resigned from the BSP against the removal of Siddiqui. is.
Mayawati used to use hate speech for Muslims

In a press conference on May 11, Siddiqui had said that Mayawati used to apologize while using hate speech for the Muslims. Said that why Muslims did not vote for our party. Siddiqui had said that I was expelled from the party by putting false allegations.

When Mayawati had demanded money from me, then I told her that if I sell my land, then that amount will not be available. I also told Mayawati that I am ready to do anything for the party, but I have been accused in false allegations.
After this Siddiqui had said that Mayawati had spoken bad about the same Kashshirao, who had laid the foundations of this party. Siddiqui had said that how sister-in-law can teach you how you can talk about politics. In response, sister told me that I will take action against you. Siddiqui accused Mayawati of wanting to end her party so that no one other than her could become a BSP supremo.

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