Who is the most powerful in India and Pakistan?

Who is the most powerful in India and Pakistan?

Today we are telling you how much India and Pakistan have so much army and who have more weapons.

1. soldiers

India has 13 lakh 25 thousand soldiers while Pakistan has 6 lakh 20 thousand soldiers.

2. Reserve forces

India has 21 lakh 43 thousand of reserve forces, whereas Pakistan has 5 lakh 15 thousand of reserve forces.

3. Aircraft

India has 2086 aircraft while Pakistan has 923 aircraft.

4. Helicopter

India has 646 helicopters while Pakistan has 306 helicopters.

5. Airport

India has 346 airports for flying and landing, while Pakistan has 151 airports.

6. Tanks

India has 6464 tanks, while Pakistan has 2924 tanks.

7. Armored Carts

India has 6704 armored vehicles while Pakistan has 2828 vehicles.

8. Cannon

India has 290 guns, while Pakistan has 465 artillery guns.

9. Rocket Launch System

India has more than one rocket launch system at one time, 292 while Pakistan has 197.

10. Ship

India has 295 ships in the water conservation while Pakistan has 197 ships.

11. Submarines

India has 14 submarines while Pakistan has 5 submarines.

12. Aircraft Carrier

India has two seaports which can fly fighter aircraft but Pakistan does not have such a vessel.

13. Atomic Bombs

India has atomic bombs between 90-110 while Pakistan has atomic bombs up to 100-120.

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