After all, who is Ganesh Kumar? Let's know his all information.:

After all, who is Ganesh Kumar? Let's know his all information :- Bihar topper

Patna.Bihar Intermediate Arts Topper Ganesh Kumar is 41 years old and gave himself an examination by telling him 24. Inquiries revealed that he is also the father of two children. Please tell that the result of Ganesh has been suspended. Also show cause notice was issued to him. It is being told that in 3 days if the answer is not satisfactory, Ganesh's result will be canceled. FIR lodged on charges of forgery ...

After the FIR, police arrested him late on Friday night. It is worth mentioning that the last time, the Tops Topper Ruby Rai was also arrested for fraud and his result was canceled. Board chairman Anand Kishore said on Friday that Ganesh had filled the form by showing the 18-year-old age and had given the examination. Earlier in 1990, he passed matriculation from CRSR High School Giridih. Then he entered the form on 7 November 1975. At that time, the name of Ganesh Ram and father was written by Shankar Nath Ram. At that time, he had 491 points.

After that, in order to reduce the age, she again examined the matriculation examination from Sanjay Gandhi High School of Samastipur in 2015. This time, in the matriculation examination, he named his name Ganesh Kumar and the date of birth was 2 June 1993. The father's name was Shankar Nath Ram. On this date of birth, she took the examination in the Inter-Arts stream from RNSJN-accredited middle school Gangapur Samastipur in 2017.

Suspended recognition of both schools

The Board President said that the recognition of both the Sanatan Sanstha Sanjay Gandhi Mathematics from the Gandhi School in 2015 and matriculation from where it was done (RNSJN School) has been suspended. The case has also been filed. The school management has sought answers. On receipt of satisfactory reply, the approval will be canceled.
Cleaning: Not given 2 times matriculation examination, age 24 only

Arts Topper Ganesh Kumar said that he did not take the matriculation examination twice. His age is 24 years. At that time the studies were not completed, so the examination was conducted. It seemed like we could ever read the form so filled the form. It did not know what was wrong.

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