London Bridge cruise van, 6 killed; 3 terrorists killed

London Bridge cruise van, 6 killed; 3 terrorists killed:-

London: A person has given a van on the people walking on the London Bridge here. Two other areas were also attacked. The police have called them a terrorist attack. 6 people have died and many people are reported to be injured. 3 terrorists killed There are elections in the UK on June 8. About 2 weeks ago, 22 people were killed in a suicide attack in Manchester. Tell us about India-Pakistan match at the Champions Trophy in Birmingham on Sunday. The distance between London and Birmingham is 160 km. However, the Indian team is safe in Birmingham. There were 3 different incidents ...

According to the News Agency, attacks in the London Bridge, Borough Market and the Vauxhall area. 6 people died in this 30 injured people have been accommodated in 6 hospitals.
- Tweeted on behalf of the police, "According to local time, on June 4, at around 12.30 pm, there was a terrorist attack in the London Bridge, Borough Market, the attack in the Vauxhall area can not be called terrorists."
- Security has been increased in all areas. According to Downing Street (PM's residence), Theresa is in constant contact with the officers.
- The London Bridge has been closed for the moment. The London Ambulance Service tweeted, "Because of the attack there are many people on the spot. Please do not go to the London Bridge."
- Narendra Modi condemned the London invasion: "I have my feelings with the families of the dead people, and I wish the wounded people to recover quickly."
First attack on London Bridge, in second Borough Market
- According to the BBC report, the first attack was done on the London Bridge. A few minutes later, the second attack took place in the Borough Market near the southern bank of the River Thames.
- 3 people attacked the people with a knife in the market. They also entered a hotel. These people cut necks of some people.
BBC Reporter was present at the bridge at the time of the incident
- During the incident, BBC reporter Holly Jones was present there. According to him, "A white man allowed a van to be placed on Pedestrian (Pedestrian), there were many passersby at that time, the speed of the van was around 80 kmph."
According to Jones, "He started a speeding drive in front of me, he crushed 5-6 people, before two in front of me and then back to three people."
What is the trump?
- Trump tweeted, "We need to be careful and vigilant." The travel bans need to be taken to the extra level for safety. "
Attack in Manchester also happened
- There was a fidayeen attack on the Manchester Arena at around 10.35 am on the night of May 22. It killed 22 people. The children were also involved in the death.
- The attack happened when the American singer Arianna Grande's concert was over in the Manchester Arena. ISIS took responsibility for the attack. British Prime Minister Theresa called it a terror attack.
- Narendra Modi also condemned the attack. This is the biggest attack since July 2007, when more than 50 people died in the serial bomb blasts in London.
- Manchester Arena is Europe's largest indoor stadium. It was open in 1995. Many big concerts and sports games are organized here. Commonwealth Games have also been here.
Identification of 23 thousand jihadis in the UK
- Intelligence Agencies have identified 23 thousand jihadists living in the country. Of these 3000 threats have been expressed. At present, the investigation of 500 such people is in progress.
According to the report, the security source has also told the history of 20 thousand others to be a subject of investigation. Even before these people have been questioned and they are kept in the category of 'Risk'.
- It has also been reported in the report that Manchester's fidayeen attacker Libyan origin was already on the radar of the Abadi Intelligence Agency MI5 and the agency considered it worthy to review its case. However, the agency did not show any danger from Abadi.

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