Modi in Russia: tribute to martyrs of Second World War;

Modi in Russia: tribute to martyrs of Second World War:-

St. Petersburg On the tour of 4 European countries, Modi arrived in Russia on Wednesday. Modi will attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) Summit. Also, Modi will meet Vladimir Putin. Prior to this, he went to Pitsarovskaya Symmetry, where he paid homage to those killed during the Second World War. Let us know that Modi's visit may have many agreements between India and Russia. The most important thing is to get help from Russia to build the last two units of Kudankulam Nuclear Plant in Tamil Nadu. After Russia, Modi will go to France. Modi tweeted ...

- On reaching Russia, Modi tweeted, "I have reached the historic city of St. Petersburg, there is lot of hope from this visit." The purpose of the visit here is to strengthen the Indo-Russian relationship. "
According to Indian officials, "We want Russia's help to build Unit 5 and 6 of Kudankulam Plant, the agreement is under way for this." Explain that two units in Kudankulam have to be built by India's Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) and the Russian company Atomstroyexport.
Besides this, there are 12 agreements between India and Russia, including Science-Technology, Railways and Cultural Exchange. For this, Modi-Putin will issue it joint statement.

What is the advantage of India's nuclear deal deal?
- If there is a deal to build 2 unit of nuclear plant between India and Russia, then 1000 MW of electricity can be made in both of them.
At present, 22 reactors in the country have the capability to generate 6 thousand 780 MW electricity.
In 2015 - Modi-Putin signed a contract. Accordingly, in December 2016, a framework for nuclear units will be prepared.
- In India, Ambassador of Russia Pankaj Saran said, "Both countries rely on each other. In the past 3 years, a good chemistry has been created between Modi and Putin."
- "The relationship between the two leaders will strengthen the relationship and the blue print of the Vision Document of the coming time will be discussed."

What is Pitsirovskaya Symmetry?
- Pitsirovskaya Symmetry of St. Petersburg is considered to be the largest memorial of the Second World War. Here are 5 lakh people buried.
- During the war, the St Petersburg (then Leningrad) was surrounded by the opposing armies. This led to the death of 4 lakh 20 thousand people and 70 thousand soldiers from hunger and thirst.

What agenda in Russia
# Russia: Modi will raise issue of China's One Road-One belt
Modi will be in Russia from June 1 to 2 On June 2, Modi will also participate in the International Economic Forum. This will include 1 thousand Global Investors.

Agenda: Foreign Investment, Defense and Nuclear Plant. There can be several major defense agreements. Contract to make the fifth and sixth plant of the Kudankulam Nuclear Project
At the same time, India can lift the issue of Project One Road-One Belt (OBOR) of China. It is also being opposed in Russia.
Business: India's $ 13 billion in Russia and Russia's $ 16 billion investment in Russia. In 2016, the trade between the two countries was $ 7.71 billion. In December 2014, the heads of the two countries have set a target of $ 30 billion by 2025.

# France: It will be on free trade agreement between India and EU
- On June 2, Modi will leave France for the last stop of the journey. Here's a discussion with France's new President, Emmanuel Macroon in Paris. During this, the strategic relations of the two countries are expected to be strong. Both countries are suffering from terrorism. So this can be an important issue in the conversation.
Agenda: Strong cooperation between the two countries is space, non-atomic, defense and economic sectors. During the trip to France, Germany and Spain, the Free Trade Agreement will be an important issue between India and the European Union (EU).
Turnover: France is the ninth largest investor in India. From April 2000 to January 2017, investment of 5.55 billion. In 2016, the turnover was $ 9.60 billion.

7 agreement between Indo-Spain
1. Cyber ​​Security
2. Technical Co-operation in Civil Aviation.
3. Transgressors can be transferred to both countries.
4. Exemption to Visa for those who hold diplomatic passport.
5. Both countries will cooperate each other in Organ Transplantation.
6. Both countries will help in renewable energy.
7. An agreement has happened between the Indian Foreign Service Institute and the Diplomatic Academy of Spain.
- Let us know that on Tuesday, during Modi's Germany visit, there were 8 agreements between the two countries.

So far 45 countries have gone to Modi; 3.5 lakh km distance, about 10% of the time spent abroad
Modi has traveled about 3.4 lakh km so far. Have lived 119 days in 45 countries This time around 10% of his tenure is so far.

What is the program?
Modi will be in Russia on 1st and 2nd June. Arrive 2 in the night of France. Modi will be the first guest of France's new President Macro. Earlier he had gone to Germany and Spain.
- After this journey, Modi will be involved in the meeting of the Shanghai Co-operation Organization (SCO) in Kazakhstan. Here he will meet China's President Xi Jinping.
Modi will be on American tour from 26 to 28 June. Modi and Trump will meet for the first time Modi will go to Israel in July This will be the first Israeli visit of an Indian PM.
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Modi in Russia: tribute to martyrs of Second World War;
Modi in Russia: Confessed to the Second World War martyrs

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