Pakistan can make military base in Pak, can increase such pressure on China

Pakistan can make military base in Pak, can increase such pressure on China:-

Dilly.China can make her own military base in Pakistan. This claim was made in the report of the US Defense Headquarters Pentagon. Experts believe that this move of China will increase the strategic and diplomatic challenges of India. He is already developing ports in several countries of the Indian Ocean. His economic corridor is also going to pass through Pakistan. China is trying to make every possible effort to surround India with land and sea. This could endanger the border security of India. Explain that China has already built an army base in the African country Djibouti. PAK Chinese arms big buyer ...
- Pentagon presented the 97 page report in the US Congress on Tuesday. It said that the 2016 Chinese Army budget has exceeded 180 billion dollars. While the Allotted Defense Budget is $ 140 billion.
According to the report- If China creates a military base in Pakistan, then it will increase the difficulties of India. Earlier this African country has done this in Djibouti. The special thing is that Djibouti is close to the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.
- Pakistan is a big buyer of China's weapons in the Asia-Pacific region. China exported a total of 12 trillion rupees of arms between 2011 and 2015. Of which about 6 trillion rupees are bought by Pakistan alone. Last year, Pakistan had contracted to buy 8 submarines.
1) Diplomatic pressure will increase on India: Expert
- Foreign Affairs Expert Rahas Singh told "China is making every possible effort to cover India in the land and sea. While on the one hand it is building the Economic Corridor (CPEC) from Pakistan to China, on the other hand, in the Indian Ocean, many countries have been developing ports (ports). The Indian Ocean is east and west of India.
Actually, China is working on a policy. This is called Sting of Pulse policy. Developing Pakistan's Gwadar, Maldives's Hit, Hambantota of Sri Lanka, Chitgaon of Bangladesh, Separation of Myanmar and the Cranher Port of Thailand are part of its policy. The news is also that Colombo Port of Sri Lanka is also going to get him.
What is China planning?
According to Rahas Singh, in many countries, China wants to capture ports from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. By now making a military base in Pakistan, it wants to strengthen its military presence in neighboring countries, especially in Central Asia. China can further take advantage of diplomatic advantage as the military pressure prevails in this area. India is trying to encircle the land with ports on the land from the sea and the economic corridor.
- China is also developing a port in Djibouti, Africa, which is a plan to connect with Gwadar. India has already said that the One Belt One Road Project is part of the colonialism of China. He would use Pakistan like Sri Lanka to press Pakistan under debt and use it against India.
What harm will be done by Chinese policies?
- Expert said that due to the establishment of China's Ports Development, One Belt One Road Project and Military Base, India can have three types of losses.
1. Economic-Indian ports in China, after China's ports, China's reach will be easy for India's neighboring countries. He will be able to easily deliver his goods and economically it will benefit him. While China's intervention, India will suffer loss.
2. With the rise of Pakistan's arithmetic and military domination in the diplomatic-Indian subcontinent, India will have to consider reinforcing relations with neighboring countries. Because China will help those countries in strengthening business and military.
3. Strategic-it is to create a defense strategy with other countries. China is lending to Pakistan and other countries, obviously he can use them against India. Security of the Indian border can be threatened.
2) China will monitor the Gulf Sea from Gwadar Port: Expert
- Defense Expert Colonel (Retired) US Rathore said to - China wants to eliminate the where-effect India has. China is building an economic corridor from Gwadar port to its own country. This project is the issue of its national interest. After so many investments, they want it to be fully secured.
- That's why a military base is being created in Pakistan. China wants to keep an eye on West Asia, African countries and the Arabian Sea from Gwadar Port. It is possible that here some Chinese army ports and some monitors should be monitored. Further, the difficulties of India can increase due to the formation of China's base on all ports of Indian Ocean development.

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