Prepared by becoming the world's most dangerous missile

Prepared by becoming the world's most dangerous missile:-

Russia already comes in the count of more powerful nations, and after the arrival of this special missile, it has become even more powerful. Actually, Russia has successfully tested its most advanced anti-ship cruise missile so far.

The missile, which was about 4600 km per hour, was operating on the last several years. Its first successful test was done on July 30, 2016 from the Vladivostok port, then its speed was 3800 hours per hour. Ever since its speed was going on.

According to media reports, Russia has increased the number of plays in the United States including this missile test. Once missed, no missile defense system will be able to stop.

Photos of this hyperSonic anti-ship cruise missile named 'Zircon' were released by the Russian Navy. According to Russian military analyst Vladimir Tuchkov, Russia has designed it in such a way that it will not save the warships of Russia only from missiles, but will also target the enemy's warships.

The speed of the missile is 5 times more than the speed of 4600 km per hour. Because of this, it can not stop any missile defense system. If it comes in the grip of the radar, then the enemy will start chasing before it is over. In this way, modern missile defense fails far ahead of the world.

If it is somehow blasted on the spot, its debris can also destroy a large part of the area.

Its successful test has left America far behind in the case of the hyperSonic anti cruise missile. It will be included in the Navy until 2018. However, the Navy is in its speed of 7,000 km per hour.

The scramjet engine has been used in this missile, which uses oxygen from the air. Because of this, it captures the speed as soon as possible. From enemy fighter jets to fighter jets, this warship can be destroyed in minutes. It will be done in its tannani atomic warship. This will not only target the enemies, but it will also work with missile defense systems for their warships.

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