Ramdev administers yoga to governors, CMs and ministers in UP's governor's house

Ramdev administers yoga to governors, CMs and ministers in UP's governor's house:-

Lucknow: Yoga Day was first performed here on Wednesday at the Governor House Campus. During this time, Swamy Ramdev got the Governor Ram Naik, CM Yogi Adityanath and the Cabinet Ministers Yoga. Yogacharya Chinmay Pandya and Swami Bharat Bhushan also participated in the program. On this occasion Yogi said, "Yoga has got international recognition with the efforts of PM Modi, on which the country boasts. Today's Yoga Day is a historic moment. This is the first time in the history of Raj Bhawan, when yoga was organized. "Everyday media revolves around, today the media has revolted ...
- Yogi said, "Everyday media rotates us, today we have called the media in the morning and have turned behind us. I will also ask the media brothers to do the yoga. "
- "The Raj Bhavan of UP has taken note of the public interest in the last three years. Even before that, the coming of the general public was also forbidden here, but after the arrival of Ram Naik ji, the Raj Bhawan was really linked to the people. That's why we have come here in the program of yoga. "
What did Ram Naik say?
On this occasion, Governor Ram Naik said, "When I took oath, the media asked what you will do for the state. I said that by connecting the central and the state government, the people will work to get justice. "
- '' Here are two great men. If a yogi is a Rajayogi then the other Mahayogi is a real yogi, who has introduced the world to Indian civilization. Yoga has been linked to every person. On June 21, 200 countries will join together. Crores of people will also do yoga in the country. What good can your ancestors give you? "
What did the cabinet minister say?
- Health Minister Siddhartha Nath Singh said, "It is a small initiative to connect every person with yoga. Certainly, Yoga has created a place in a very short time, which is an auspicious sign. "
Such a yoga practice course
1. Pray
2. Moving Actions
3. Yoga
4. Krupalbhati
5. Pranayama
6. Meditation
7. Resolution
8. Peace lessons

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