Sachin, associated with UN's super-dad campaign, will tell the role of father in the upbringing of the child

Sachin, associated with UN's super-dad campaign, will tell the role of father in the upbringing of the child:-

New York. Sachin Tendulkar is associated with a campaign from UNICEF. In this they will tell the father's importance in the upbringing of the children. This campaign alongside Sachin has included the famous British footballer David Beckham and tennis star Novak Djokovic. Campaign debut before Father's Day ...
- According to the news agency, Unesf is launching the Super Dad named Initiative before Father's Day (June 18) in which children will be told about love, play, protection and good nutrition.
- In the Campaign, it will also be told that in the early years of the child there is a father's important role for development. Apart from Sachin, Oscar Award winner actor Mahershala Ali, British Formula One racers Lewis Hamilton and Australian actor Hugh Jackman are included in the campaign.
- Sachin says, "When I was a little, my father gave me great love, freedom and support." Whatever I am today, I am because of all of them. "
- "Every child needs protection, love, good food and play for development, it is the responsibility of both parents to provide them all of these children."
What happened to Djokovic?
- Djokovic said, "Being a father, I believe that early childhood has a strong effect on the positive attitudes towards love and love."
- "If you are a new parent, you have to face a lot of challenges." The purpose of UNICEF's campaign is to tell the parents that they support and encircle their child, they need it most. "
What will happen in Super Dad campaign?
- This campaign will also share photos and videos of fathers who care for children from around the world. It will be said that people have also brought up better development of children by resorting to difficulties.
- According to UNICEF, "We will also tell the story of a South Sudanese refugee Idro how they got their 2 months, 3 and 13 year old daughters in a camp in Uganda. In 2016, Idrar had fled from the raging war in the country. "
- According to Pia Brito, UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Program, "The child needs a lot of care in the first few years, this is the time when the child's brain develops. Is done. "
- "If you are living in conditions of war or poverty, at that time you will have to work a little harder to prevent the adverse effect of falling on the child."

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