Whare i can see 10 cbse result latest 2017 ! youcan see result 10 cbse.

Whare i can see 10 cbse result latest 2017 ! youcan see result 10 cbse.:-

CBSE 10th result will come today: 16 lakh students have given the exam

New Delhi. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will declare a 10th class result on Saturday. According to an official of the board, the results will be announced on June 3 at 12 noon. This year, 16 lakh 67 thousand 573 students passed this exam. The results of the 12th board have been declarated on May 28. Where to see the result ...

- RESULT You can look at CBSE's official website cbse.nic.in or its hosting web link at cbseresults.nic.in.
- Results can also be checked on results.gov.in and results.nic.in
- Click the website for it. Select CBSE Class 10th results here. Enter the roll number and security code in the new window and submit it in the new window.
After this your rivals will be in front. From here you can print or download the marksheets.
Last year the results of girls were better
- In the CBSE 10th last year, girls performed better. 96.36% of the girls, while 96.11% of the boys had passed. Last year, the total pass percentage was 96.21. It was 97.32% in 2015.
- Last year, 14 lakh 91 thousand 293 students had joined this exam. In 2015, 8.5% more students were sitting in Examination than in 2015.
- The result of the Thiruvananthapuram region was the best. There were 99.87% students who had succeeded in the exam.
Remove such CGPA
- Marksheet is given GPA (grade point average) and CGPA, but you would like to cross check it like this - total the GPA of the five subject and divide it into the number of substrate i.e. five. In this way you will get CPGA (Cumulative grade point average).
- For example - if you have GPA-9, 9, 10, 8, 7 in your five subgate, 9 + 9 + 10 + 8 + 7 = 43/5 = 8.6 your CGPA will be.

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