When Indo-Pak cricketers lost the game, such fight seen on field

When Indo-Pak cricketers lost the game, such fight seen on field:-

Sports Desk. Today, 443 days between India and Pakistan are going to be a match in the Champions Trophy. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the cricket fans about this match. Due to poor relations between the two countries, there have been frequent wars between the players on the field. Today dainikbhaskar.com is telling you about 7 disputes in the match between India and Pakistan. 2007 when Afridi is serious ...

- In 2007, during the tour of Pakistan, Team India's star batsman Gautam Gambhir faced Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi. Gambhir said something after Afridi hit the ball and said something to him. On the next ball, when Afridi ran for serious singles, Afridi came in front of him. After that, Bhadke reached with serious Afridi and both were furiously abusive. The umpires had to come to stop both.

During the 2010 Asia Cup, Gautam Gambhir faced Pakistani wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal during batting. Short tempered Gambhir did not like Kamran Akmal's unnecessary appeal. Another ball of Saeed Ajmal beat Beat, which Akmal shouted with a loud shout and started appealing. It was severely fierce and debates with Kamran during the drinks break. Only then did Captain Dhoni come and calm him down.

During the Pakistan tour of India in 1997, Indian cricketers had to face the shameful act of Pakistani fencing. In this one-match match of the Wills Challenge Cup, Pakistan had scored 265 runs in 47.5 overs before that, a stone came from a stand and Sourav Ganguly felt it was the fifth time when Pakistan fans threw stones at the ground. After this, the captain Sachin Tendulkar went out of the ground with anger for his team.

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